How to Chose The Best WordPress Web Hosting Service?

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With countless web hosts on the web, by far, most of which meet the WordPress least prerequisites. Therefore picking the best web hosting from the group can be difficult. Much the same as plants need the correct condition to thrive, WordPress works best when it’s in a proper facilitating condition.

We’ve managed a larger number of hosts than you can envision; as we would like to think, the hosts underneath speak to probably the best and most splendid of the facilitating scene. On the off chance that you do choose to go with one of the hosts beneath and navigate from this page, some will give a bit of your expense back—so you can have an incredible host. In case you don´t need the features of a full web hosting plan, then there are other solutions.

What features to look for in WordPress hosting?

There are many web hosting choices for WordPress from fundamental shared hosting to VPS and even dedicated servers. However for most by far, hosting a WordPress webpage and utilizing Linux is an excessive amount of work that could be spent on planning better sites and working with more clients. For those sort of clients there are fundamentally two decisions to make. Should you go with either a:

  1. An overall shared WordPress hosting service.


  1. WordPress Dedicated Hosting.

In any case, they are both the same!

Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction yet there are a few confusions about this that should be explained to more readily see each.

An overall shared hosting administration is extremely economical and the premise is to have a few clients for every server and assign hardly any assets for each. Those hosting services are everywhere on the web and are anything but difficult to get. The principle issue is, these services won’t permit you immense huge amounts of visits and wont acknowledge high CPU useage. The essential general hosting servers are then restricted to smaller sites, websites, microsites and corporate websites that have minimum amount of visits every month and don’t require higher prerequisites.

Yet, shouldn’t something be said about medium to large websites? Shouldn’t something be said about website admins that need quick execution? The overall shared hosting services won’t help in that issue, that is were the WordPress web hosting services enter.

What WordPress hosting services permit, is more asset portion per client, less clients per server, huge number of visits and higher CPU usage than general hosting and additionally offer a simple to utilize control panel and backup features, but at a higher price.

Since you’re perusing an article on a WordPress blog and I’m certain you would like for your blog to succeed, I won’t suggest utilizing a modest hosting service. I’m going to show you what sort of features you need in a WordPress web hosting provider.

Simple Control panel

When utilizing a WordPress Hosting administration doesn’t mean that you woun´t share assets with different clients, it implies you have substantially more CPU time, quicker assets and lower latency. That is the reason sometimes they share basic control panels.

Probably the least demanding to use is cPanel and it’s really common to discover this control panel in most web host providers. Regardless of whether you purchase a WordPress hosting service you may discover they use cPanel. This isn’t terrible as they normally have a vastly improved webserver stack to manage and less clients shared per server so the reaction time will be better regardless of whether they utilize a similar control panel that you see on other modest shared web hosting service providers.

cPanel is a decent beginning stage as now supports “Let´s Encrypt” and cPanel certificates and will give you full oversight over your documents, database base and email messages. There are a few WordPress Hosting providers that utilization custom interfaces and most by far are alright. Simply be certain not to purchase a WordPress web hosting servicet that utilizes obsolete control panels as you may experience security issues and not exactly anticipated execution.


PHP7 was presented a year ago and its quickly developing every month. WordPress is completely viable with PHP 7 and I advice you to update your instalation to the last version. In case you’re searching for a decent WordPress hosting, ensure they uphold at least PHP 7 as that will truly lessen the latency and reaction time of your website.

There are some WordPress Hosting administrations that will permit you to effectively choose a PHP version based on your personal preference and you’re encouraged to stay with PHP 7 and ensure your site can manage it.

A Decent Webserver Stack

Regarded WordPress Hosting services normally have a generally excellent webserver stack with a wide range of storing components incorporated with it, this resembles the spirit of the service provided. There are some that utilization Varnish and there are other that utilization Nginx as proxy with Apache and even REDIS. As a general guideline, search for WordPress hosting administrations that don’t depend exclusively on Apache as that could harm your site execution.

More Highlights and Backup

Having a automated backup is just about an absolute necessity and nearly everybody out there has this in some way and the best web hosting providers will considerably offer organizing destinations which are a blessing in case you’re developing in WordPress. This is a regular component show for a WordPress Hosting administration and all the more explicitly it’s what Bluehost offers their clients.


To wrap things up one of the most fundamental and significant component in any great WordPress Hosting is execution.

This is a normal common hosting. You can see the worker took 4.39s to react to the principal inquiry so the site will deliver gradually on practically all conditions. This is a result of an exceptionally packed shared hosting service. It´s price will be modest yet the performance will mirror the price. By purchasing a cheap web host service, you schould not expect great performance.

On contrast you can see two unique stacks, one for a site facilitated a single WordPress Hosting with nginx with the primary inquiry reacted in under 700ms and this equivalent site running behind cloudflare with nginx. As a dependable guideline, any site that reacts to it’s first inquiry in under 700ms is viewed as facilitated on a decent service. In the event that you plan on hosting WordPress on a hosting service, make certain to request a test site before continuing.


Having great support behind each ticket is a higher priority than quick reaction times. You often hear about an excessive amount of griping about moderate reaction times to tickets on certain services when in truth the most significant thing isn’t if the ticket is reacted in under 2 minutes but if the support person that handles the ticket is an expert who comprehends what he is doing.

What’s the meaning of finding a solution to your ticket in under 2 minutes when the individual on the other site request explanation and won’t give a worthy answer? A sharp expert is fundamental to taking care of issues. Having somebody on the other side won’t ensure that your difficult will get fixed in a timely way.

A decent help relies upon proficient staff. Have some time and perused what sort of help an organization offers. There are some WordPress Hosting services that will offer fractional assistance if your site is having issues while there are others that won’t help you at all if your concern isn’t identified with the hosting itself. This is the place you can look for managed WordPress hosting versus unmanaged. Having an managed service speaks to more significant serenity however cost will increment likewise. Pick cautiously.

To sum up

Choosing what sort of WordPress Hosting service you need isn’t easy. However as a dependable guideline the most significant variables ought to be: Performance, Backup, Support and Ease of use. Price is not as important in the long run.

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